My daughter suffered from a severe case of constipation soon after her fourth birthday, and this caused her to regress on her potty training for several months.  No matter what we tried, we could not help her to get over the trauma of the constipation and she refused to poop in the potty.  We sought out help from the PEEP Clinic, and are very impressed with the results.  From our first meeting with Jennifer we were very hopeful, as she thoroughly explained how the program worked, and was sympathetic to the issues we were experiencing with the regression of my daughter’s potty training.  Jennifer ensured that we stayed in good communication with her throughout the program, and instructed us on adjustments to make based on the results we were seeing.  After just a couple of months, I can proudly say that my daughter is consistently pooping and peeing on the potty, and not having any accidents!  I’m very thankful to Jennifer and the PEEP Clinic, and highly recommend their services to anyone who is having issues with potty training their child.” -Dad of a 4 1/2 year old girl –

“Thank you so much for your help. We found out yesterday that a new family is coming to you after we talked about Jennifer and the PEEP Clinic. We’re so happy to spread the word. Literally this is already life changing for my daughter in many ways. The impact goes far deeper than just being relieved from constipation. We at very grateful for all that you do!” -Mom of a 11 year old girl-

“We were pretty desperate by the time we took our nearly 9 year old son to the PEEP Clinic in 2017.  He wet the bed roughly every other night and we had tried everything … from moisture sensing monitors to getting him up every night to urinate to physical therapy … for years with no success.  MiChelle explained to us and to him how the body’s elimination systems were supposed to work … and why they probably were not working … in terms that we could all understand.  She coached us in changing our son’s habits over a period of time and, sure enough, this effort paid off.  In as little as 5 weeks he was down to 1 accident a week and in 7 weeks he was accident free!  It’s now been almost a year and he hasn’t had an accident since.  We are believers in this process!”  -Mom of a 9 year old girl-

“Our family and friends can finally relax now that poop isn’t at the forefront of every acitvity, outing, and conversation. We had been stressing over our daughter’s constipation and fear of pooping for close to two years, and the thought of her ever being potty trained seemed like an unachievable task. It grew way beyond our control, and it was heart breaking to see her discomfort and inability to enjoy everyday toddler activities. She would cross her legs and cry all throughout the day while refusing to poop in her diaper, and she wouldn’t get anywhere near a potty. We were changing barely messy diapers around the clock, while doing our best to get her to poop even the slightest bit. Our daughter was miserable and terrified and we were at a loss. Every pediatrician we consulted said she was too young to see a specialist, but we were physically and emotionally exhausted from administering suppositories and blindly trying a miriad of medications and remedies. Finally, we found a new pediatrician who recommended the Peep Clinic – Life changing!!! MiChelle is truly a miracle worker and her program is amazing. She immediately put us at ease and offered the medical and emotional support and encouragement that we desperately needed. MiChelle was in constant contact throughout the process, and her level of responsiveness was beyond impressive. She was our biggest advocate and we finally felt like someone “got it” enough to help our daughter overcome this daunting problem. After trusting MiChelle and following her individualized program, our daughter is no longer scared, happily poops on the potty everyday, and is now officially potty trained! We cannot thank MiChelle enough for the compassionate and profound impact she has had on our family. She’s a true blessing and a wonderful gift to families with kids who are struggling!” -Mom of a 4 year-old girl-

“A belated but heartfelt THANK YOU for all that you did to help our 4 1/2 year old daughter go poop on the potty. We were nervous for our first visit but you made us all feel so comfortable and explained everything thoroughly and directly. You have such an amazing way with kids and our daughter talked about you every day until we saw you on our 2nd visit (last visit) when she was so excited to share that she was FINALLY pooping on the potty. You really have an incredible program and we are so grateful for your assistance in getting her past a difficult milestone. Thank you again for everything!”         -Mom of a 4 1/2 year old girl-

-Mom of a 4 1/2 year old boy with potty training frustrations-
“I think MiChelle is a miracle worker and I have been singing her praises to
everyone who knows about our struggle with potty training!!! MiChelle explains the anatomy in kid friendly terms in a comfortable atmosphere that helps the child to be engaged in the program and their own success.”

-Mother of 4 1/2 year old girl-
“I have to tell you, I was a little skeptical but….this is the best money we have ever spent, I am so proud of our daughter and so happy with the results we have seen. I have no idea how you came up with this program but it works! Thank you, now we only have one kiddo in diapers!”

“I just want to say thank you so much for the awesome work you do. The program that you have put together really, really works! My son went on the program at the end of January, and went from nightly bed-wetting to virtually no wetting at all. He has maybe had two accidents, and it’s now the middle of March.

-Mother of 10 yr old son who had wet every night until the PEEP program-

-Mother of 4 year old boy who refused to potty train-
“I wanted to write to you to tell you how much we appreciate everything you have done for our son. During the time he purposely held his stools (19 months old to 3.5 years) we tried to get him help many times without any success. The problem kept getting worse and we did not know what to do. As you know, after visiting you and activating your plan of action, he made the transition to big boy underwear and has been doing Great! We were amazed, to say the least! Your plan is brilliant!! He is so relieved that he can go poop without pain that he actually laughs while on the potty. Trying to poop everyday used to consist of doubling over with pain and the most heartbreaking cry all without much success. Now, we hear “mommy, I have to go poopy”. I get tears in my eyes everyday and we are all so relieved. We are thrilled and so proud of him!! My heart will fill with joy every time I hear those words from him for a very long time!! He says, “it is so much easier to go on the potty, I’m so proud of myself”. He shows off his big boys to all of our relatives. Precious!! Words will never be able to express how grateful we are to you. Thank you for choosing this profession and having such a dedication and loving heart for children who have problems eliminating. We thank God everyday that we were introduced to you and that you were determined to help us. Thank you for all the time you spent and research you did to create this program. I have such a passion for this as it was so hard on our son and affected our lives so much. I will tell every mom I know or meet about you; I don’t want any child to have to suffer for as long as our son did. I am so thankful we finally found you!!!”

“Our daughter was born with a protien intollerance allergy and had several digestive issues as an infant. At about 16 months of age she out grew the condition and began eating like other children her age. In the mix of all of this it was determined that she had problems with constipation. She was still being followed by her pediatric gastroenterologist who placed her on daily Miralax. From 16 months to just after she turned 3, she was doing well on the Miralax. Shortly after turning 3 (March) she decided she wanted to potty train. While we began the process with success, once she was faced with pooping on the potty she developed a great deal of anxiety and refused to poop. We quickly decided to abort our attempt to potty train and over the next 4-6 weeks we were unable to get her stools back to normal (this was the beginning of May). After many discussions and appointments with our pediatrician we were referred back to the G.I. doctor. At this point she was diagnosed with an x-ray as being horribly constipated. The doctor instructed us on how to clean out her system and she was doing much better. After another 6 weeks she decided she wanted to potty train again (this was in the middle of June). As we began the process a second time we realized she was once again refusing to poop and became horribly constipated. After a second round of cleaning her system out we were advised by our GI doctor to wait until she was showing interest in potty traiing and at that point she was to take a larger dose of Miralax. By now she was telling us she wasn’t going to use the potty until she was 5 years old.

Off and on, between mid-June and early September we became increasingly frustrated with the uncertainty of if we had her on the correct dose of Miralax. We increased the dose, then decreased, never knowing for sure if we were giving too much or too little. The stress in the house became great and our daughter was having one diaper rash after another (we were changing as many as 15 diapers a day, most with poop stains and rarely a good sized poop). We knew that if waited for her to become interested in using a potty she would be well into elementary school before she began.

During one of our many doctor’s appointment almost begging for a solution we were referred to the PEEP clinic. The night I heard about the clinic I emailed MiChelle. We really felt that this was our last hope. The next day I got a phone call from MiChelle and shared our story with her. By the end of our brief call I felt for the first time that we were going to make progress. Within one week our daughter had another x-ray, which showed she was horribly constipated yet again, and began on a much stronger cleaning out protocol. Once that was completed she started on a completely different set of medications to treat her constipation. We had our first in person appointment with MiChelle within 2 weeks of our initial phone call where MiChelle explained in detail why we were having such great troubles with constipation and potty training. She offered us a detailed potty training plan and a tremendous amount of encouragement. She let us know that she would be available via email on a daily basis until we got things under control.

Once at home, we explained to our daughter what was going to happen with the potty training. She helped us shop for her rewards and became excited about the plan. She finally felt that she could use the potty. She was so excited that she decided on her own that we begin the process a day earlier than suggested by MiChelle. We went through the plan as detailed by MiChelle, sent off a few emails for clarification, and things began to change. She was excited about the process, so much so didn’t want to stop the program even though she had come down with Strep Throat. She did become anxious about pooping on the potty when we got to that stage of the process, but with MiChelle’s continued support and adjustments to the medications, she worked through her fears. After ten days of going through MiChelle’s program her big sister announced that our younger daugher was no longer potty training, she WAS potty trained, and the rewards were no longer necessary!

-Mother of 4 yr old girl-
It is now about 6 weeks since we met with MiChelle and our family is completely changed. The stress over constipation and potty training is completely gone! Our daughter has not had one accident since starting to potty train and is very proud of herself. She has declared that our diaper bag is officially renamed to a panty bag because we don’t need diapers. She is even waking up with dry pull-ups! I cannot thank MiChelle enough for what she has done for our daugher and our family. I didn’t realize until after the fact that she was really self consious about being in diaper. Now that I see how proud and happy she is I can look back and see that she was probably just as stressed about the situation as we were. I only wish we had learned about the PEEP Clinic sooner!”

-Denver Area Pediatrician-
“As a local pediatrician, I am so pleased and thankful to have the PEEP Clinic as an option for my patients. I have referred to MiChelle for many years. She has a special gift for helping these children and my patients love her not only for the successes she gives them, but for the personal and warm care she provides for this common and frustrating problem. She has more experience in treating this problem than any medical provider in a 5 state and is an incredible asset to the pediatric community in the Denver metro area as well as the highest success rate, about 90%. Without reservation, I would send my patients and families with dysfunctional elimination as well my personal family members to MiChelle for any issues regarding dysfunctional elimination.”

-Father of 10 year old girl-
“My daughter had accidents at school for years and had recently started with UTIs. The way MiChelle explained the problem so we could understand it and how it fit into our daughter’s “big picture” was amazing. I learned more from her then I had in years of searching for help for my daughter. MiChelle is also incredible at her motivation techniques and getting the kids to own the work so parents are not the potty police. This was not only effective, but a huge relief for our family. MiChelle gave us our daughter back as her issues were a big source of contention in our house. THANK YOU MiChelle!”

-Mother of a 4 1/2 year old boy –

“We are so grateful and thrilled for how this process turned out!  It seemed crazy at first, but wow.  I didn’t think we’d get to this level of normal so quickly.  Thank you so much!”